Have You Received a Non-Criminal Traffic Citation?

We'll help you contest your traffic violation in the Dallas, TX area

Texas law requires people who've received traffic violations to respond within 10 days of the citation issue date. Time is running out, so contact the Law Office Of Eric Brad McClelland in Dallas, TX for help fighting your traffic ticket.

You can respond to your moving violation by requesting a hearing or paying the fine. Call 214-540-4916 now to find out what you should do about your traffic ticket.

Avoid these consequences by responding promptly

Avoid these consequences by responding promptly

Failing to respond to a traffic violation in a timely manner can result in steep fines. If you continue to ignore your citation, you might...

  • Lose your driving privileges
  • Face additional fines and a bench warrant
  • Get frequent calls from collection agencies
You should expect to pay $75 to resolve your traffic ticket or $100 for a ticket with a warrant. Reach out to attorney McClelland in Dallas, TX now to respond to your moving violation.