Rely On a Dedicated Attorney Who Will Fight for Your Rights

Rely On a Dedicated Attorney Who Will Fight for Your Rights

Choose an experienced auto accident lawyer in Dallas, TX

Brad McClelland is more than just an accident auto lawyer - he's a dedicated father, a die-hard Dallas Stars fan and a long-time community volunteer. Drawn to the legal profession by a desire to help people, attorney McClelland takes pride in standing up for his clients.

He graduated from Dallas Baptist University in 2002 and became a part-time judge in 2018. When he's not helping clients resolve traffic violations in the Dallas, TX area, attorney McClelland volunteers at a local shelter with his fellow judges.

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Tough cases call for tough lawyers

Attorney McLellan knows that a car accident can affect more than just your vehicle - it can also impact your health, finances and personal well-being. If you need help negotiating with your insurance provider after an accident, The Law Office of Eric "Brad" McClelland can help.

Attorney McLellan will:

  • Represent you in court
  • Build a strong case on your behalf
  • Collect and file necessary documents

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